Flexible tailor-made approach and services to fit your organisations specific requirements

RPO is not just about outsourcing but about Partnership over a defined timescale.

European Search Company partner with our clients to produce a personalised resourcing solution, ensuring to find the right talents for your organisation.

• We become your recruitment team for a defined period, onsite or remote.

• A dedicated team of researchers work behind the scene to source candidates

• We can undertake all the screening and first interviews, saving your hiring managers valuable time. And possability to include test & Assessment.

• Cost are built around a monthly retainer allowing better forecasting and usually savings due to reduced reliance on outside agencies.


Operational cost efficiency is an organizational imperative. The changing market conditions implies a significant change in hiring demand and requirements, causing companies to revaluate their recruitment process and cost structure.

RPO reduce costs while adding business value 

• Cost Reduction Through Shared Risk

• Faster Time to Hire!

• Scalable solution due to hiring needs

• Senior Staffing consultants at all times

• An updated talent pipeline and network of relevant candidates

• Access to a greater amount of recruiting and screening professionals.

Please contact Brian Ranvits for further details or a specific offer; Mail: [email protected] Phone: +45 2048 0548

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